Forthcoming PUBLIC Engagements  ( Last updated May 2021)

CORONA VIRUS UPDATE.  The band is finally set to return to rehearsals on Monday 24th May after a 14 month absence!  It may take a while to return to "form" but we will be starting work  right away!  Although the outlook for public performances is still uncertain we hope to return to some sort of normality soon. 

In normal times the band and drum Corps often gets  "booked up" 12 months in advance. Both the band and our drum Corps  are available to perform together, and independently of each other.  Please note that many  "in house" Police engagements are not shown on this list so even though we may may appear free, that may not be the case and we may not be able to accept a booking    


02/10/2021 -  Saturday - Military tattoo style concert in Wrexham afternoon and evening concerts
07/11/2021 - Sunday - Remembrance Sunday at Nantwich 10.20am
07/12/2021 - Tuesday - Free Carol concert at Chester Cathedral 7pm
12/12/2021 -  Sunday Christmas concert at Norton Priory Runcorn 7pm
19/12/2021 -  Sunday Christmas concert at St Nicholas Wallasey 3pm